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Download Miami Heat Logo Wallpapers – The Miami Heat are a U.S. basketball team.The NBA team plays in the American Airlines Arena in Miami , Florida . They were together in 1988 with the Charlotte Hornets in a league expansion in the NBA included. Since the 2004/05 season playing in the Southeast Division in cooperation with the Atlanta Hawks , Charlotte Bobcats , Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards .

miami heat logo

For some time many companies were interested in an NBA team in Florida to start. Ultimately allowed the “Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority,” a group of NBA “Hall of Fame” member Billy Cunningham led the team in Miami to set up.  To determine the name of the new team, a survey was conducted at which the proposal Miami Heat almost to the proposal Miami Vice prevailed. The Miami Heat entered the National Basketball Association to coincide with the Charlotte Hornets for the 1988/89 season with. With a squad that consisted mostly of young players, they lost their first 17 ​​games. This was then a new NBA record, in the 1998/99 season from the Los Angeles Clippers has been set. The team finished the season with 15 victories and 67 defeats.

For the 1989/90 season , they chose as part of NBA Drafts in the first round, Glen Rice , the first for the basketball team of the University of Michigan had played. The sporting achievements were similar to last year to settle and the regular season ended with a record of 18 victories and 64 defeats. The Miami Heat this season could never win more than two games in a row. The following season 1990/91 was marked by two draft picks that did not meet expectations. The sporty performance with 24 victories and 58 defeats, continued to be shaped significantly negative.

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