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Description About Miami Dolphins Logo

Download Miami Dolphins Logo Wallpapers – The Miami Dolphins are a professional – Football team in the National Football League (NFL) from Miami , Florida and play there in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Eastern Division . They are named for the dolphins that inhabit the coastal waters of Florida.

miami dolphins logo

The Dolphins were in 1965 as an expansion team of the American Football League from Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas founded. In 1966 she took up the game operation. The first four years were not very successful, and all ended with a negative record this season.
By the league merger in 1970, the team came into the NFL and played ever since in the American Football Conference in the Eastern Division . At the same time took over Don Shula as coach and made ​​the team for one of the most successful teams in the early 1970s. Under his 26 years of leadership just two seasons ended with a negative result.

Already in 1971 the team won the longest game of NFL history (82 minutes 40 seconds), the AFC Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs , reaching the Super Bowl VI , but it against the Dallas Cowboys lost. But in 1972 it managed the Dolphins , after a season without a single defeat, again in the Super Bowl and won it to collect on 14 January 1973 against the Washington Redskins . So was the Dolphins as the first and so far the only, one of the NFL team consisting entirely of victories Perfect Season succeeded. At that time, two current members played Pro Football Hall of Fame at the Dolphins , the quarterback Bob Griese and running back Larry Csonka .

After the following season with a victory in Super Bowl VIII could repeat their success, it took almost 10 years to again reach the final of the AFC, which in 1982 against the New York Jets won. Super Bowl XVI, but they lost to the Redskins. The next year, 1983, took over rookie quarterback Dan Marino ‘s team, the Dolphins a year later again in the Super Bowl led. The great tragedy of the outstanding quarterbacks of the 1980s and 1990s, however, that he never had a Super Bowl win, so neither does this. The Dolphins lost to the San Francisco 49ers . Since then reached the Dolphins never be the NFL final. After the Dolphins in the 2007 season, could only achieve a victory and thus represented the worst record of any team, they could in the following year, surprisingly winning the AFC East and move into the play-offs. There, they lost even though in the wild-card round at home against the Baltimore Ravens with 9-27, while quarterback Chad Pennington four interceptions tossed.

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