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Added : 30th July 2011
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Mazda Logo wallpapers – The company, Mazda Motor Corporation (Japanese マツダ 株式会社, Matsuda Kabushiki-gaisha), listed on the Nikkei 225, is a Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Fuchū. The name of the company’s founder Mr Jujiro Matsuda is in Japanese as ‘Mazda’ pronounced. In addition to production in Japan – the main factory in Fuchū and Hiroshima, the Ujina plant in Ujina, Minami-ku, Hiroshima and Hofu plant in Hofu – Mazda models have been and are manufactured at locations around the world.

mazda logo

The Ford Motor Company has with the Mazda since 1979, a strategic partnership in 1996 bought the controlling stake of 33.4% of the equity shares of Mazda, and was still the main shareholder of Mazda Motor Corporation. On 18 November 2008, Ford announced that it sold 20% stake in Mazda. Ford, which was hit heavily during the financial crisis, had to reduce its stake further to just 3.5% (November 2010) and is thus only the fourth largest shareholder.

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