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Added : 5th July 2011
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Description About Manchester City Logo

Manchester City Logo Wallpaper – Manchester City (officially: Manchester City Football Club) – also known as The Citizens – is a football club from Manchester, England. After its founding in 1880 as West Gorton St Marks in 1887 the club played under the name of Ardwick AFC and then moved to the Hyde Road before 1894, the final name of Manchester City FC arose. The club won the English championship twice, five FA Cups, the League Cup twice and once in the European Cup Winners’ Cup. They currently play in the Premier League and have most of their history in this premier league spent. The official mascot of the club, the aliens’ Chester Moon “and” Moonbeam “are. In September 2009, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his company ADUG all the shares of Manchester City.

manchester city logo wallpaper

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