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Added : 25th September 2011
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Download Lotto Logo wallpapers – The Lotto Sport Italia S.pA is an Italian sportswear manufacturer based in Trevignano in the province of Treviso . Company’s brands include: Lotto, Lotto Leggenda, Lotto Works, Etonic International and Le DD.The company was founded in June 1973 by the family Caberlotto, who is also the Italian soccer team Treviso FBC belonged. Tennis shoes were the first, followed later models for basketball, volleyball, athletics and football. Some time later came to the production of sports clothing. In the first ten years focused on the Italian lottery market and established itself in sports, especially tennis.

lotto logo

Lotto closed over time, especially in tennis and soccer, with internationally renowned players and teams from supplier contracts. International, the brand grew more rapidly and ten years later was already represented in the lottery more than 60 countries. In June 1999, a group of local businessmen took over, in the sports sector was already very active in the society. It was created by Andrea Tomat above, who took over the role of President and CEO of the new company, which now bore the name of Lotto Sport Italia SpA.

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