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Download Los Angeles Lakers Logo Wallpapers – The Los Angeles Lakers (formerly the Minneapolis Lakers) are one of 30 teams in the National Basketball Association . The team won a total of 16 championship titles, the second-most behind the Boston Celtics (17). The team jersey and colors are purple and gold. There are also exceptions, called Sunday jerseys, which existed in the 1970s, for example, in blue, and since 2002 are in white. The Lakers are the only team in the NBA, the home jersey is not white but gold is. The team name “Lakers” (in German about Lake ) goes back to the days when the Lakers still in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota played. ‘Lakers’ refers to the nickname of the state of Minnesota as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” After moving to Los Angeles kept the team’s name. According to Forbes Magazine , the Lakers are currently (as of 2011) with an estimated 643 million dollars after the New York Knicks, the second-most expensive franchise in the NBA.

LA Lakers logo

Since the founding days of the league, the Lakers were the NBA and also one of the most successful teams. Then in Minneapolis is home to the Lakers formed with their centers George Mikan , the first dynasty that won five championships between 1949 and 1954. After the fifth title win Mikan said in his resignation, but the subsequent unsuccessful phase of the Lakers was short-lived. 1958 drafteten they Elgin Baylor and two years later, Jerry West . In the same year the club moved from Minneapolis to the West Coast, Los Angeles . Despite the two superstars Baylor and West – both in 1996, the 50th Birthday of the League, voted among the 50 best players of NBA history – the Lakers were not able to power over the Boston Celtics in the 1960s to break that won eleven championships 1957-1969.

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