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Added : 10th August 2011
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Description About Lipton Logo

Lipton Logo Wallpapers –┬áLipton is a brand of tea and iced tea. It belongs to the Unilever Group, which with her and other brands such as PG Tips (UK), Beseda (Russia) or Brooke Bond (India), the world has a stake of 15.5% on Teeverkauf. Lipton makes use of its own share of approximately 10%.

lipton logo

The main products are marketed under the brand Lipton products:
Lipton Yellow Label (since 1890). This logo is still being sold in 150 countries tea.
Lipton ice tea (since 1972). Available in more than 60 countries through cooperation with PepsiCo.
Lipton was at the end of the 19th Century, founded by Thomas Lipton.

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