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Added : 13th September 2011
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Description About Linux Logo

Download Linux Logo Wallpapers – As Linux are usually free, called Unix-like multi-user operating systems running on the Linux kernel, and much more based on GNU software. The vast, and commercial distribution in 1992 was made possible through the licensing of the Linux kernel under the GPL.

linux logo

The modular operating system is being developed by software developers around the world who are working on different projects. There are both businesses and nonprofit organizations and individuals involved to operate this as a hobby. In practical use, usually called Linux distributions to use, where different software is compiled into a final package. Each distribution thus contains the Linux kernel or Linux. However, fit many distributors and savvy users to the kernel more or less for their own purposes.

Linux is widely used and extensively, for example, on desktop computers, servers, mobile phones, routers, netbooks, multimedia devices and supercomputers. Here Linux is often used differently: How is Linux in the server market as well as in mobile applications a fixed size, while on the desktop so far played only a minor role. Also plays the economic and geographical situation of a region play an important role. Plan so overriding South American emerging markets increased use of Linux.

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