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Added : 12th October 2011
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Download Linkin Park Logo Wallpapers – Linkin Park is one in 1996 in Los Angeles ( California ) Formed, mostly to the crossover or nu metal is assigned. High chart placings including in the U.S. and Germany , massive airplay , won several music awards and continued support from media and fans are the reasons that Linkin Park is now considered one of the best known and top-selling rock bands apply.

linkin park logo

Linkin Park put on their first albums mainly different elements from metal and rap , and put them in contrast to pop -like melodic lines . The band tried these different parts into a harmonious blend mix and wanted to make it any different aspects to the fore. Rather, it was Linkin Park’s stated goal, according to interviews, hip-hop closer to metal and vice versa.

On the 2002 album Reanimation are then found almost exclusively remixes of compositions of the last album, Hybrid Theory , which for the Rock area is very unusual. It can continue to influences from the electronic music make up, various collaborations with musicians from other areas, expanding the range covered yet. As part of intros and atmospheric sound design of classic influences. This seems less surprising when one considers the personal preferences and musical examples of the band. Various groups such as the basic Deftones , Nine Inch Nails , The Roots , Aphex Twin and Brad Delson be cited counts Depeche Mode to his preferences, which may explain the Melodielastigkeit Linkin Park.

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