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Added : 3rd September 2011
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Download LinkedIn Logo Wallpapers – LinkedIn is a social networking platform for cultivating existing business contacts and establish new Verbindungen.LinkedIn in 2003 in California, USA. It is registered with over 100 million users (as of May 2011) is currently the largest platform of its kind, according to Alexa and is the world’s 500 most visited websites. In November 2010, LinkedIn was in the U.S. ranked 14 of the most visited websites, ranked 22nd worldwide Since 4 February 2009, the network is also available in German.

linkedin logo

On 27 January 2011 announced that the U.S. companies that want to undertake the IPO. Further information about the date or the issue price of new papers did not, however Inc. LinkedIn. On 19 May 2011 the paper was traded for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange. Previously, the U.S. company had announced that the offering price will be the LinkedIn shares at 45 U.S. dollars a piece. [6] A total of 7.84 million shares issued. Already at an issue price LinkedIn was 4.3 billion dollars, but the stock market value rose in a few minutes up to 8.5 billion dollars. Thus is the price-earnings ratio of 550 and the price-sales ratio 35th

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