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Added : 11th September 2011
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Description About Ligue 1 Logo

Download Ligue 1 Logo Wallpapers – The Ligue 1 is the highest division in the French men’s football, from 1932 to 2002 it was called Division 1 or Division Première (D1). She was from the beginning to a professional league. There were already since 1894 French Championships, but only since 1932, is one of winning the championship (Championnat de France) as an official title. In a country where the sport popular with the public until the last third of the 20th Century behind cycling, bowling and rugby was back, the professional football business has taken a long time until he can be expected around the turn of the millennium of the top five leagues in Europe could. The top football in France is now very much globalized and thus has confusable, but it still retains some very “French” characteristics (see below).

ligue 1 logo

Contributing to this development, both non-French as well as country-specific framework, organizational forms and structures contributed to the previously 75-year league history, the face of French football – more than his three “big names” Kopa, Platini and Zidane and first island-like success (in the late 1950s and the 1980s) out – have shaped and are presented here in detail.

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