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Added : 11th September 2011
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Description About Liga Zon Sagres Logo

Download Primeira League Logo – The Primeira Liga (Portuguese for First League) is the highest football league in Portuguese men. It exists since the 1934/35 season and is operated by the Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional (LPFP) and the Federação Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF). Since the 2010/11 season the league has been officially sponsor name Zon Sagres League.

liga zon sagres logo

Primeira Liga in the league are in the system in which each club competes in a return match against every other club, played the Portuguese football champions and participants in the European Cup competitions. The last two teams get into the Liga de Honra (Portuguese for Honorary League), which forms since the 1990/91 season, the second-highest division below the Primeira Liga. Most successful club Benfica has 32 championships. Is the reigning champion FC Porto.

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