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Added : 1st August 2011
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Description About LG Logo

LG Logo Wallpapers – The LG Group is a diversified company headquartered in South Korea in Seoul. In Germany and Austria, especially the daughter of LG Electronics bekannt.Das Korean company that now ranks among the world’s leading electronics companies, was founded in 1947 by In-Koo hwoi (aka Yonam) as “Lucky Chemical Industrial Co.” was founded. The first product was a cosmetic product, “Lucky Cream”. Yonam wanted to make as a cheap package for its creams essay, he began abruptly with the production of plastics. Later came combs, soap cups, toothbrushes and tableware. In 1958, the “GoldStar Inc.” was founded a year later produced the first Korean radio. The now well-known brand name is an abbreviation of the interim trade name “Lucky GoldStar” LG shortly.

lg logo

In 2005, the LG group split up in the new “LG Group”, the “GS Group” and the “LS Group.” To reinforce the “LG” brand-name car, a new logo and the slogan “Life’s Good” was developed, in which the letters “LG” stylized. In January 2009 the company was able LG Group, the Internet domain LG.com to buy. Since then, she is on the Internet VB.com Hall of Fame as one of the few global companies that have an existing two-letter domain. The domain was originally part of the chemical company Lockwood Greene and came through one of the most expensive domain transactions in history to the new owner.

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