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Added : 30th July 2011
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Lexus Logo Wallpapers РLexus is an automotive brand in the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation in 1989 in the United States and was introduced in 1990 in Europe. Under this brand name Toyota sells vehicles worldwide in the premium segment. The name Lexus is a word that will indicate the nature of the luxury vehicles. In Europe (Booth 2011) five model series (CT, IS, GS, RX, LS), which, ranging from compact cars to luxury models. Since 2006, the date in her native Japan as Toyota sold luxury cars also marketed under the Lexus brand.

lexus logo

Lexus cars are manufactured in own factories in the Japanese town of Tahara, the hybrid models run at the factory Toyota Motor Kyushu in Kokura, Kitakyushu, a district of the assembly line. Only the quota for the RX SUV for the U.S. market is produced in the Canadian Cambridge.

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