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Added : 25th September 2011
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Download Kyoto University Logo Wallpapers – The University of Kyoto is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Japan . Yoshida-campus: The university campus has the following Kyoto District Sakyo-ku , Uji Campus Uji and Katsura Campus in Kyoto city district Nishikyō-ku .The University of Kyoto in June 1897 as Imperial University of Kyoto by the Imperial founded arrangement # 209 as a second university in Japan. 1899, were faculties established law and medicine. In December of that year opened the University Library and the University Hospital, its gates. 1926 came to an institute for chemical research. In 1947 the University was renamed Kyoto University. Since 1949 almost every year, new faculties, inquiry stations and laboratories have been opened. In 1997 the University Museum was opened.

kyoto university logo

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