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Added : 12th October 2011
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Download Kiss Logo Wallpapers – Kiss is an American hard rock band, formed in 1973 in New York . With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, the group is one of the most successful rock bands.

kiss logo

The band members were particularly through unusual, individual costumes and showed up in 1983 in the public just made ​​up, each band member had his own, set makeup mask (The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, The Cat). The faces were painted white. The masks were painted black or silver (with Ace Frehley). Peter Criss for example, had the mask of a cat. Paul Stanley was next to the poster white face paint (which emphasized his square jaw) is always a blood red painted lips and a black star to the right eye. When asked why they had been painted on the stage, Stanley said in 1994: “Actually, just because we loved the fun. Of course, we shocked the people with these wild colors on the face. But we laughed about it. And got exactly the attention that we wanted. “

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