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Kenwood Logo Wallpapers – Kenwood is a Japanese company in the entertainment and communication electronics Branche.Nach the second World War II in 1946 as a Kenwood radio producer, initially as Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd.. in Komagane City of Jiro Kasuga founded in 1950 and renamed as Kasuga Radio Industry Corporation. In 1955, in Tokyo, built a factory for mass production and renamed in 1960 the company Trio Corporation. In 1961 the company was admitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with a subsidiary in the U.S. in 1963 in Los Angeles began the expansion and global marketing. On 14 May 1968 Opened European office in Belgium. 1972 leaves the company’s founder Jiro Kasuga, the company and founded a new company named Kensonic. From 1980, the company specialized in the production and marketing of radio and cassette players for cars “Car Audio”. Kenwood 1982 is involved in the development of the first CD player. 1986 once again there is a change of name to Kenwood Corporation and the manufacturing of portable CD players.

kenwood logo

As of 1992 also included navigation systems for motor vehicles to the product range, advanced steadily and well integrated mobile systems (PHP Personal Handy Phone System). 1997 Presentation of the receiving unit for terrestrial digital radio standard DAB transmission system in motor vehicles. Later was the integration of hard drives and DVD navigation systems, smart phones and the digitalization of broadcasting operation in accordance with the APCO P25 and TETRA standards. In June 1997, Kenwood ago as Japan’s first manufacturer to offer a car DAB receivers. January 1999, Kenwood jointly developed the world’s first mobile digital TV receiver. August 2002, Kenwood USA Corporation started selling the first digital radio systems in the U.S. in January 2003, together with the “Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International” for the application of the “Voice Synthesis” technology in the automotive sector. April 2004, jointly established by the music distribution company Any Music Inc. June 2005, the first portable hard disk audio player out of the Kenwood home is presented.

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