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Added : 11th October 2011
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Description About Kansas City Chiefs Logo

Download Kansas City Chiefs Logo Wallpapers – The Kansas City Chiefs are a team of National Football League (NFL) and play there in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Western Division . They played from 1960 to 1962 as the Dallas Texans before 1963 with the move to Kansas City , Missouri was renamed.

kansas city chiefs logo

The relocation of the Chiefs was not entirely voluntary. When the AFL was founded, it was with the exception of the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers a professional team west of the Mississippi River and south of Washington (DC) . Dallas was thus an attractive home to a new professional football team. However, the NFL decided to season 1960, the Dallas Cowboys to start. There were rumors that the NFL conducted this extension in order to harm the young AFL. As a consequence, the Texans looked for a new market and are located in Kansas City since then.

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