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Added : 13th August 2011
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Download JVC Logo Wallpapers – JVC is a company based in Yokohama, Japan, both consumer electronics for the home user and the entertainment industry as well as developing media technology equipment for semi-professional and professional applications and markets. It has about 19,000 employees in 2008 (36,000 employees in 2003). The company was founded on 13 September 1927 as a subsidiary of the U.S. Victor Talking Machine Company was formed solved, but with the start of the Second World War, its parent company. JVC initially dealt with the production of records and their improvement, such as the development of 45/45-Stereoformates. Many commercially successful innovations have followed, and JVC have grown steadily. JVC 1954 was acquired by Matsushita.

jvc logo

In 1976, the first JVC VHS video recorder for home use with the model number HR-3300 on the market. Through a generous policy of granting licenses to other manufacturers, the VHS system in just a few years supplanted the existing magnetic imaging systems from Philips (VCR), Sony (Betamax) and Grundig (Video 2000). Due to the commercial success and widespread use has been associated to the quasi-VHS worldwide standard for home video recorder.

Should not remain unmentioned at the least controversial role as a pioneer of JVC to the global spread of the analog copy protection, Macrovision. Under pressure from the film industry of the 1985 JVC’s VHS standard was extended to licensees that VHS could only build-VHS recorders (VCRs) with AGC (Automatic Gain Control). Originally intended for the improvement of the image signal at the receiving end through automatic gain control, this technique could be used to developed by Macrovision Corporation, Macrovision analog copy protection to deploy and distribute. From 1986, JVC developed an improved DVD format (S-VHS, the first model: HR-S5000 HR-S7000 NTSC or PAL) and the smaller VHS-C format for portable recorders and camcorders. 1995 followed by the first pocket-sized digital camcorder (JVC GR DV-1) and plasma screens since 2002. In the field of consumer electronics in 1991 JVC introduced the world’s first micro hi-fi system (UX-1) on the market.

JVC is also involved as a sponsor of major sporting events like the UEFA European Football Championship (since 1980), the FIFA World Cup (since 1982), the Football World Cup 2002 Korea / Japan and since 1978 has been a regular organizer of the Tokyo Video Festival and the JVC Jazz Festival in Singapore. JVC is also sponsoring the Dutch race driver Christijan Albers. As a European subsidiary in 1977, the JVC (Channel Islands) Limited and in 1978 founded the JVC-Germany GmbH (since 1993 in Friedberg). Due to high losses of JVC Matsushita began in 2007 with a partial sale to Kenwood and thus a reduction in the company’s shares. On 1 October 2008 was KKzusammengeschlossen JVC Kenwood with the JVC Kenwood Holdings.

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