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Added : 25th August 2011
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Download Java Logo Wallpapers – Java is an object-oriented programming language and a registered trademark of the company Sun Microsystems, which was acquired by Oracle in January 2010. The programming language is a part of the Java technology. With most Java programs are generated in any conventional machine language, but bytecode, which is then executed in a special runtime environment. The essential component of this is the Java Runtime Environment Java Virtual Machine that executes the programs by interpreting the bytecode and compiled on demand (just-in-time compilation, often with HotSpot optimization).

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The runtime makes Java programs platform-independent, meaning that they run without any further adjustments on different computer architectures and operating systems with appropriate runtime environment. Sun itself does not offer runtimes for Linux, Solaris and Windows. Other manufacturers can certify their own Java runtime environments for their platform. Porting from one speaks with Java in general, if source code or byte code on the stand another version of Java should be adjusted. Most Java programs are only for certain versions of Java tested or certified.

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