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Download Jamiroquai Logo Wallpapers – Jamiroquai is an internationally successful British acid jazz band. The name is composed of Jamiroquai Jam (for the music that make Jamiroquai) and iroquais for the tribe of the Iroquois , with their philosophy of the band leader Jay Kay is identified.

jamiroquai logo

Jamiroquai emerged in the late 1980s as part of the acid jazz movement in London , after Jay Kay’s job as a singer of Brand New Heavies had failed. Jamiroquai’s first single When You Gonna Learn? was published in October 1992 on the independent label “acid jazz”. Their first album, Emergency on Planet Earth was published in 1993 committed (in second release) on Sony, which eight albums for Jamiroquai.

Already in autumn 1994, the band, the second plate The Return Of The Space Cowboy with the Top Ten hit Stillness In Time by. The third album Travelling Without Moving in 1996 brought the big chart successes Virtual Insanity and Cosmic Girl show, with Jamiroquai prevailed on the U.S. market. The video of Virtual Insanity won at the MTV Video Music Awards, the awards for Best Video, Best Visual Effects, Best Screenplay and Breakthrough Video .

The hit single Deeper Underground from the fourth album Synkronized in 1998 was part of the soundtrack to 1998’s remake of Godzilla . With Canned Heat Jamiroquai had another hit on this album, which unlike the early records is no longer so clearly attributable to the acid jazz. The fifth album A Funk Odyssey is heavily influenced by disco influences. The album’s title is inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey by star director Stanley Kubrick on. The single from this album, Little L , was a chart success in many countries.

2005 saw Jamiroquai’s sixth album, Dynamite with the singles Feels Just Like It Should , Seven Days in Sunny June and (Do not) Give Hate a Chance . In 2006, the band moved to Sony subsidiary Columbia Records . For the Christmas season a greatest hits album has entered the market. On 25 April 2007, she officially separated from her record company. On 29 October 2010 the band released their latest album for the label Mercury Records: Rock Star Dust Light , the seventh album by Jamiroquai. As pre-released singles from the song White Knuckle Ride .

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