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Added : 10th May 2012
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Description About iPhone 5 Logo

The iPhone is a line of mobile phones designed and promoted by The apple company Inc. The first iPhone was revealed by Steve Jobs, the CEO of The apple company, on Jan 9, 2007 and launched on May 29, 2007. The 5th creation iPhone, the iPhone 4S, was declared on Oct 4, 2011, and launched 10 days later. An iPhone can operate as a camera with video capabilities (video producing was not a standard function until the iPhone 3GS was released), a dslr camera phone, a convenient press player, and an Internet customer with email and web surfing around abilities, can deliver text messages and get visible voicemail messages, and has both Wi-Fi and 3G connection. The user interface is designed around the device’s multi-touch screen, along with a exclusive key pad rather than a physical one.

iPhone 5 release Logo

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