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Download Indianapolis Colts Logo Wallpapers – The Indianapolis Colts are a team of National Football League (NFL) and play there in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Southern Division . They went from the 1953 Dallas Texans out. From 1953 to 1984 played the Colts in Baltimore as the Baltimore Colts . After the first Super Bowl in 1969 and stood against the New York Jets lost by 7:16, they managed the first Super Bowl win in 1971 with 16:13 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Colts Logo

The Colts were in 1953 in Baltimore was founded. 1984 they were brought by owner Bob Irsay in one night and fog action to Indianapolis. Although many years have passed, in which Baltimore got a new team ( Ravens ), which also won the super bowl and Bob Irsay’s son Jim is the owner now, it has been forgotten in Baltimore to this day what happened back then, and in every game in Baltimore, the Colts still beats against the contempt of the Ravens fans.

After the unsuccessful 1997 season was Bill Polian hired as president and CEO. He had already made ​​a name as General Manager of the Buffalo Bills made, (which stood in four years under his leadership, result in the super bowl) and the Carolina Panthers built up as the best new Team (“expansion”) in the history of the NFL. Two years later, the Colts were able to improve from 3-13 in the preseason at 13-3 (win / loss). So they set an NFL record for the biggest improvement a team within a season, as measured by the number of victories. Polian to significant achievements include the commitment of a number of key players ungedrafteter.

Jim Mora , who coached the team from Indianapolis since 1998, was in 2002 by Tony Dungy replaced. With him as head coach of the Colts won the 2007 Super Bowl with a 29:17 win over the Chicago Bears . Succeed Dungy, who finished the play-offs after his coaching career in 2009, was Jim Caldwell . On 17 December 2009 gave the Colts their own under his guidance in the previous week reached new NFL record, than the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated by 35:31. This was 23 Consecutive victory in a game of the regular season , the old record held the AFC rival New England Patriots to 21 victories in a row. At the end of the season, the team from Indianapolis, but was subject to the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV .

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