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Added : 7th December 2011
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Description About Hyundai Logo

Hyundai Wallpaper (Click on image below) – Hyundai is a company that was founded in South Korea in 1947 as a construction company by one of the most successful and famous businessmen in South Korea,  Chung Ju-yung. The main division of Hyundai is Hyundai Motor Company, which is one of the worlds largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Hyundai employs over 75,000 people worldwide and Hyundai owns and operates one of the largest automobile manufacturing facility in the world that is located in Ulsan. Hyundai automobiles are sold in over 193 countries worldwide in over 6,000 showrooms and dealerships. They manufacture SUV’s, Vans, Concept, and commercial vehicles.

Hyundai Logo

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