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Added : 11th October 2011
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Download Houston Texans Logo Wallpapers – The Houston Texans are a team of National Football League (NFL) and play there in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Southern Division .

houston texans logo

Until 1996, played in Texas, the Houston Oilers. This subject, however, in one night and fog action to to Tennessee. In 1997 the NFL decided to increase the team, paying particular attention was paid to Los Angeles because it is indeed the second largest city in America, but has no NFL team. Nevertheless, Houston also applied for the selection process. As expected, the NFL owners voted the team to Los Angeles to clarify, however, with a period of 6 months for the open-ended questions (eg was no stadium available). However, this time went unused and 6 October 1999, the team owners unanimously decided the rights to the NFL team for 700 million dollars to the billionaire Robert C. McNair sell. In 2000, a new name was sought. The selection was narrowed down to five (Apollos, Bobcats, Stallions, Texans and Wildcats). They finally agreed on the special bond with Texans Texas clarify. 2002, ie 3 years after the team award, the Houston Texans had their first NFL game in the newly built Reliant Stadium and the first time since 1961, won a newly formed team’s first NFL game (19:10 against the Dallas Cowboys). They finished the season yet with only four victories and 12 defeats. They are the only active team of the NFL, which has never reached the playoffs. In the 2009 season they were the first to win more games than they lost.

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