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Added : 25th September 2011
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Description About Hollister Logo

Download Hollister Logo Wallpapers – Hollister Co. (HCO) is a fashion company that the company Abercrombie & Fitch is one. The brand was named after the town Hollister in California named. Hollister offers surf-style fashion. The collection is very similar to that of Abercrombie or Ruehl . Logo is used as a seagull.

hollister logo

The first store was opened in July 2000 in Ohio opened, and the company was initially only in the USA and Canada actively. The first sales office in Europe in 2008 in London shopping mall Westfield opened. This was followed by other shops in the mall London ( Brent Cross ) and in Rome . With the opening of the first German branch in Frankfurt’s shopping center MyZeil on 10 December 2009, the company continued its expansion into the European market. In the series were more stores in Germany so far in Oberhausen , Hamburg , Ludwigshafen , Cologne , Dortmund , Neuss , Leipzig and Dresden opened. The fashion brand currently operates more than 500 boutiques worldwide.

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