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Added : 10th August 2011
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Description About Hennes & Mauritz Logo

Hennes & Mauritz Logo – Hennes & Mauritz (H & M) is a Swedish fashion retail company based inStockholm.Der founder Erling Persson visited the USA in 1946 and came back withthe business concept of offering fashionable and high quality garments at reasonableprices. In 1947 he opened his first in Västerås “Hennes” shop where he sold only women’s clothing. “Hennes” is Swedish and means “for them”, “their”. In 1968 thehunting clothing retailer was acquired Mauritz Widforss, which also led men’s clothingrange, which had to include a men’s collection in the offer and the name change to “Hennes & Mauritz ‘(H & M) result. In 1998, the company managed its initials “HM” as an Internet domain HM.com buy. Today, H & M at position 60 of VB.com Internet Hall of Fame, which includes more than 110 world-famous brands that have a domain name with two letters.

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