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Added : 13th September 2011
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Description About Heineken Logo

Download Heineken Logo Wallpapers – Heineken is a Dutch beer that is brewed by Heineken since 1873. The brand is called “flagship” of its parent company, and in forty breweries brewed in 39 countries. In 2006, 25.8 million hectoliters produced. Since 1975, especially in the Heineken Heineken Brewery in Zoeterwoude brewed.

heineken logo

Heineken Pilsener is a bottom-fermented beer, also known bottom-fermenting beer called. The taste is largely determined by the Heineken A-yeast and differs from other typical Dutch lagers. It is a volmout beer and thus made ​​with only barley malt. Heineken used in the preparation hop pellets and hop extract instead of hops, so little aroma but a slightly bitter taste is achieved.

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