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Added : 13th September 2011
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Description About Hard Rock Cafe Logo

Download Hard Rock Cafe Logo Wallpapers – Hard Rock Cafe, HRC is short, one operated by Hard Rock Cafe International chain of restaurants and hotels and casinos also rare. Worldwide there are 149 branches in 53 countries, the German-speaking countries are Hard Rock Cafes in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and München.Die Hard Rock Cafes are not known primarily for their food, but mainly because of its atmosphere. The chain has over 70,000 exhibits and their music exhibits the largest collection in the world. All exhibits are bought at auctions or directly from musicians provided. Thus serve including signed guitars, stage clothes, rare photos and gold records as a wall decoration in the various cafes.

hard rock cafe logo

The various Hard Rock Cafes are connected stalls or shops in which clothing and souvenirs are sold. Particularly in the 1980s and 1990s it was popular, as many have visited Hard Rock Cafe, where to buy the T-shirt with the Hard Rock Cafe logo and the name of the city. Many visitors to collect pins (pins), which publishes the chain regularly in limited editions. Also sold there for T-shirts, glasses, teddy bears, drum sticks, Zippo lighters, and even dolls, there is a brisk buying and collecting interest.

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