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Added : 12th September 2011
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Download Hallmark Logo Wallpapers – Hallmark Channel was a channel for movies and series, with a presence in the Latin American market for over 10 years maintaining a steady growth since then, reaching a total of 16 million subscribers across the region, as chosen by viewers through be a channel with programming dedicated to the family and the only sign of the basic system that features original productions. It also has the lowest repetition rate of the market: 2.5 per month.

hallmark logo

Hallmark Channel has channels around the world, in the U.S.. UU. and Canada and is operated by CrownMedia, while the rest of the world operates Sparrowhawk Media, a group that relies on NBC Universal Global Networks. The 18 feeds for the international version of Hallmark Channel reaches more than 152 countries with 60 million subscribers around the world, in countries like UK, Italy, Spain, France, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Latin America and Asia. Keeping in each territory, the same image quality and well maintained program.

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