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Added : 11th October 2011
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Description About Green Bay Packers Logo

Download Green Bay Packers Logo Wallpapers – The Green Bay Packers are a team of National Football League (NFL) in the city of Green Bay , Wisconsin . The team plays in the National Football Conference (NFC) in the Northern Division .

green bay packers logo

The Green Bay Packers are masters record in American professional football with a total of thirteen NFL championships – including four Super Bowl victories. A special feature of the Green Bay Packers is that they are not the property owner is an individual, but there are publicly owned and include several thousand shareholders. It took its name from the Indian Packing Company assumed that 1919 was the first sponsor of the team. Although the connection with the company in the first season ended, the Packers kept their names.

The enthusiasm for football in Wisconsin is so great that the current waiting period is for a season ticket for 30 years. The stadium in Green Bay, Lambeau Field is sold out for 42 years continuously. With Vince Lombardi, the Packers from 1958 to 1968 had one of the most legendary figures of American football coach. Under his leadership, the Packers won three NFL championships and the first two Super Bowls. After the Lombardi trophy is named the winner of the Super Bowl will receive: Vince Lombardi Trophy .

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