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Download Grateful Dead Logo Wallpapers – Grateful Dead was founded in 1965, American rock band from San Francisco to the front man Jerry Garcia , which play an important role in the American music scene and counterculture took. Grateful Dead was known as one of the first bands of the psychedelic rock and as a jam band with nearly 3,000 concerts. In addition, the Dead’s one of the first bands to bootlegs allowed. The focus of her later music was at country and folk rock , which they combined with other music genres.

grateful dead logo

Continuous band members were Jerry Garcia , Bob Weir , Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann . In particular, the position of the keyboardist was unstable and was occupied in the thirty-year history of six different musicians. Even after the death of the bandleader, the band under the name of García’s The Dead still actively touring and at irregular intervals by the U.S..

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