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Added : 30th August 2011
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Download Google Talk Logo Wallpapers – Google Talk is an instant messaging system and the associated software client, which Google Inc. is developing. Gmail allows users to communicate in real time through text messages or voice. Google Talk is based on the XMPP protocol that was developed by the XMPP Standards Foundation as an open instant messaging protocol and has been extended by Google to the VoIP functionality under the name of jingle. Therefore, it is possible to use the service in addition to the official client program with any other XMPP client.

google talk logo

Since 17 January 2006 was extended to Google Talk, the ability to connect to other XMPP servers and now allows communication between XMPP and Google Talk users. Therefore also to communicate with users of the provider GMX, Web.de, EarthLink, Gizmo5, Tiscali, Netease, Chikka, MediaRing is possible, or are working on their support. Google also plans to implement the inter-network communication with users external messaging services to their clients, but for now this will be limited to AIM.

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