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Added : 13th January 2012
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Download Google Offers Logo – Google offers is a website and applications that provides its subscribed users with special deals-of-the-day in some of the major geographic markets in the United States. Google released Google Offers in January of 2011 in response to their rejected offer to buyout their competitor Groupon for a reported US $6 billion dollars. Google is trying to create new ways to allow businesses to connect with consumers in a many new ways.

google offers logo

The way that Google Offers works is that users that are subscribed to the service receive a daily email with deals-of-the-day and are given the opportunity to purchase these deals within a certain allotted time limit and every offer is valid regardless of how many users take a certain deal. One of its greatest features is that Google Offers is integrated with Google Checkout and Google Wallet for speedy service. Google offers is currently in its beta stages and has been expanding to several cities in 2011 such as Portland, New York, and San Francisco.

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