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Description About Golden State Warriors Logo

Download Golden State Warriors Logo Wallpapers – The Golden State Warriors are a basketball team from the U.S. basketball league NBA . The team is in California’s Oakland home. The current name refers to the U.S. state of California , who is named in reference to the Gold Rush of 1849 “Golden State”.

Of 1946 under the name Philadelphia Warriors of Eddie Gottlieb , founded club was a founding member of the National Basketball Association, first Basketball Association of America (BAA) called. 1946/1947 , the team won the first officially discharged Professional Basketball Championship in the United States. 1961 Gottlieb sold the team to an investment group from San Francisco, after which they renamed San Francisco Warriors. 1970 finally saw the move to the other side of the San Francisco Bay , to Oakland, and was renamed “The Golden State Warriors.”

golden state warriors logo

(According to the players after a successful section at the beginning of the 90s, Tim Hardaway , Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin called the Run TMC era), the franchise is now once again as one of the least successful in the league. The team could not long from 1994 to 2007 for 13 seasons, the playoffs qualified – a record in the NBA. Since 2004, Chris Mullin has served as General Manager of the targets could not yet reach. However, its activity is now seen as more successful than the work of his predecessor, Gary St. Jean, who is regarded by fans as “the worst GM of all time”.

In the 2006/07 season but they reached the playoffs after a long time, where she placed first as an eight-placed on the Dallas Mavericks met. The Mavericks were based on their outstanding season in which they were with 67 victories the most successful team in the NBA, as a big favorite. Despite all sat down surprisingly bright, thanks to the Golden State Warriors fighting the good performance and tactics of their coach Don Nelson wins by 4-2. It was only the third time in the history of the NBA playoffs and the first time since the introduction of best-of-seven series in the first play-off round, that an eight-seeded team in position against the Regular Season Champ was able to prevail. However, they were eliminated in the second round against the Utah Jazz out.

The team won in a time when it was still home to Philadelphia in the championship twice, in 1947 and 1956. After moving to California was yet another addition in 1975, now as the Golden State Warriors. In July 2010 it was announced that the former owner Chris Cohan ‘s team for a record amount of 450 million U.S. dollars to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber wants to sell. Cohan had been struggling with financial difficulties and in the 15 years that he owned the team, the Warriors reached only once (2006/2007) the playoffs. According to the press had been so crucial, especially the geographic location of the team for the high purchase price. The San Francisco Bay Area , housed in about seven million inhabitants is one of the most profitable markets of the USA basketball. Joe Lacob said after the sale that he and his partner, the Warriors plan to the old size back and fight the team of not less than the title would be ( “It is our passion to return the Warriors to greatness and build nothing short of a championship organization that will make all of us in the Bay Area proud. ” )

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