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Added : 20th August 2011
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Description About GMC logo

Download GMC logo Wallpapers – GMC is a traditional car brand of the U.S. car manufacturer General Motors. GMC distributes light to medium-sized pickups and SUVs, so far only on North American auto market and the Middle East. In the future, GM will offer smaller U.S. SUV from Chevrolet GMC under the brand in Europe, as the Chevy Cross is here reserved for small cars from Korea (formerly Daewoo).

gmc logo

GMC is on its home market very successfully. In 2004, GMC sell nearly 600,000 vehicles. The most successful products of the Group are the big Sierra pickup and the midsize Envoy SUV. GMC sold its smaller vehicles (Canyon, Envoy) at very moderate prices, which are often less than $ 20,000. GMC also sells premium SUVs like the Yukon family of products (the platform to share with the Hummer H2 and Chevrolet Suburban), which often move into areas beyond the price $ 50,000. GMC upgraded its high-volume products are often made ​​with eight cylinders, which lie in the capacity range 4500-6000 cc and make 150-250 kW. The vehicles are comparably equipped. GMC vehicles often because products are similar to a sister company, Chevrolet, GM will install the products in the future much more independent. So shall GMC positioned higher overall and placed in Geländewagen-/Pickup-Segment between Chevrolet and Cadillac are.

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