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Added : 28th July 2011
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Gigabyte Logo Wallpapers – Gigabyte Technology (Chinese 技嘉 科技 Jijia Keji) is a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer, known primarily for its motherboards and graphic cards. The chairman of the company, founded in 1986 with over 7000 employees Yeh Pei-Cheng. Gigabyte Technology is in Germany by the “GBT Technology Trading GmbH “represented.

gigabyte logo

Today the company is a manufacturer of motherboards for AMD and Intel processors, ATI and Nvidia graphics cards. Furthermore, Gigabyte provides computer case, PC power supplies, coolers, monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, servers, netbooks, laptops, smart phones and desktop PCs ago. The company was awarded several prizes. Due to the similarity with Micro-Star International (MSI) has been repeatedly speculated about a merger of both companies

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