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Added : 22nd July 2011
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The General Motors Company (GM) is a global American car company, which owns several trademarks worldwide. The 2009 US-amerikanischer/kanadischer with majority state-owned Vehicle Acquisition Holdings LLC was founded as a company, took over as NGMCO, INC.. with transmission and sale agreement dated 26 10th June 2009 with final July 2009, the assets (called GM Asset Sale “) of the bankrupt General Motors Corporation (GM Old). As the new General Motors Company LLC (also: New GM) suspend the business of Old GM continued. The former General Motors Corporation, operates from 15 Company in July 2009 as a motor winding.

general motors logo

From 1931 to 2007, General Motors, sales figures for the world’s largest carmaker, fell behind Toyota in 2008 but returned and is currently before Volkswagen’s second-largest automotive group. The Group produces alongside motor vehicles and vehicle components. By 2006, he also offered through its subsidiary, GMAC financial services.

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