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Added : 29th July 2011
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Gateway Logo Wallpapers – Gateway (NASDAQ, Fortune 500) is an American PC retail chain on the model of Dell. It was founded in 1985 as a garage business in Iowa by Ted Waitt and has since grown rapidly. Initially they operated under the name Gateway 2000 and was headquartered in Sioux City (Iowa, USA), but then renamed and under new CEO Wayne Inouye also the headquarters to Irvine (Calif.) moved (since September 2004), after moved to San Diego was earlier (1998). In 1994, Gateway 2000, an increase in the German market.

gateway logo

Gateway is considered the third largest PC manufacturer in the U.S. and is ranked 10th in the world (as of December 2005). Gateway was the direct seller of personal computers worldwide in a leading position. It produced its machines in the U.S., Ireland and Malaysia and employs 1997 world-time, up to 9,700 employees. In the summer of 2001, production and sales in Europe and Southeast Asia ended and closed the local offices. In January 2005, the officially stated on the website of the company’s headcount was down to 1,900.

Gateway acquired in 1997 – instead of resigning from the offer VIScorp – the rights to the Amiga computers from the bankruptcy estate of the insolvent Escom AG. The existing Amiga Technologies GmbH was then – still led by Petro Tyschtschenko – renamed Amiga International GmbH. In 2000, Gateway sold the Amiga to the rights of U.S. companies amino Development, which subsequently changed its name to Amiga, Inc.. On 27 August 2007 it was announced that the Taiwanese computer maker Acer will acquire Gateway for $ 710 million.

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