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Description About Garnier Logo

Download Garnier Logo Wallpapers – Garnier is a brand for the French cosmetics group L’Oreal. It includes mainly products for skin care and hair care for. Garnier is now the second strongest brand of L’Oreal. Garnier was founded in 1904 by Alfred Amour Garnier. This was the end of the 19th Century and worked as a hairdresser and perfumer, invented in the early 20th Century, a hair care lotion on his second June 1904 was patented under the name Garnier. Garnier 1909 sold his company.

garnier logo

End of World War Garnier became one of manually producing small operation and changed its name to the Institute Garnier in 1929 under the name of Laboratoires Garnier. The company was then headed by Bernard Guilpin, a chemist, and Gaston Roussel, a physician and founder of the pharmaceutical laboratories Roussel Uclaf (now part of sanofi-aventis).The product range has expanded over the years more and more. In the early 1960s launched the first Garnier hair dye for their own use. 1965 Garnier was taken over by L’Oreal direct competitors and expanded.

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