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Description About G-Star Logo

Download G-Star Logo Wallpapers – The brand G-Star is a Dutch jeans – Fashion and trademark.The brand was founded in 1989 by Jos van Tilburg originally under the name “Gapstar” in the Netherlands and Belgium was founded. The company is based in Amsterdam . The first collection of fashion brand Gapstar, together with the help of the Swiss brand Big Star created. Gapstar named in 1993 in “G-Star” in order, as the company expanded internationally and threatened with a company called “The Gap” is a legal dispute over the naming rights. In 2003, Jos van Tilburg “G-Star” of the Secon-Fashion Group.

g star logo

Which are particularly well-known G-Star jeans . Other products include jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, coats, hats and shoes. Among the best known jeans brand models include the G-Star Elwood for men, the seam has a round at the height of the buttocks. The trousers are mainly made ​​of denim produced.

G-Star ran into criticism by violations against OECD guidelines and labor law violations in the Indian jeans factories of “Fibres and Fabrics International” (FFI) and its subsidiary company “Jeans Knit Pvt Ltd”. As a result of a lawsuit for defamation by the FFI international arrest warrants have been of activists of the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and the “India Committee of the Netherlands’ (ICN) was adopted. On 6 G-Star announced in December 2007 the business with the FFI. Under agreement by CCC, ICN and FFI, ​​the staff of FFI, ​​meanwhile, pledged legal aid and labor union freedom. As a consequence, G-Star is working again with the FFI. Also, the international arrest warrants on 29 Withdrawn in January 2008.

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