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Download Fila Logo Wallpapers – Fila is an Italian sportswear manufacturer. The company was founded in 1911 by the brothers Fila and has offices in eleven Ländern.Fila was founded in 1911 by the brothers Fila in Biella, Piedmont. It originally manufactured clothing for people in the Italian Alps. Before the 1970s began producing sports clothing, was the main product of the company’s underwear. It was known mainly by the tennis player Bjorn Borg.

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1988 took over the Italian holding company Gemina majority control at the former Italian group Fila. After splitting into two companies in 1997 by Gemina was the block of shares at that HdP Fila, today’s RCS Media Group, over. This followed the idea of ​​building next to a media company and an Italian luxury fashion group in 1998 and took over the brand Valentino. The project failed, however, and forced to abandon the 2001 HdP fashion division. The sale of Fila proved to be especially difficult and took almost two years.
2003, which now sell into a pure media company RCS Media Group restructured its majority stake in Fila to the Luxembourg-based Sport Brands International, a subsidiary of U.S. investment firm Cerberus.

2004 took place at the South Korean subsidiary of Fila, a management buyout, which dissolved out Fila Fila Korea from the Group and has been integrated into the GLBH Holdings. 2007 GLBH Holdings bought a majority stake from Fila from Sport Brands International. As a result, Fila was again restructured and fragmented. These were sold in March 2008, the activities in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India to the local management, which is led by Stefano di Martino.

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