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Added : 22nd July 2011
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Description About Ferrari Logo

Ferrari Logo Wallpapers – Ferrari is an Italian car brand, which by their sports cars and their commitment to race (inrecent times only in Formula 1) has become famous. The company was founded in 1947by former racing driver Enzo Ferrari founded as an independent brand and is now at 90% of the Fiat Group. The company’s Maranello headquarters in Italy. The annual production amounts to 6452 vehicle units (in 2008).

ferrari logo

The company’s origins date back to the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, the 1929 to 1938under the guidance of Enzo Ferrari, including work as a team of Alfa Romeo race car ranvery successfully, without actually building vehicles. Even in these times, which was still operating logo used: a rearing horse that rampante cavallino.

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