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Added : 30th October 2011
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Description About FC Liverpool Logo

The Liverpool (official: Liverpool Football Club ) – also known as The Reds ( English for the Reds ) – is a 1892 founded football club from Liverpool . With 18 league titles, the Liverpool one of the most successful clubs in England. In addition, the club won each of the seven FA Cup and the League Cup . At European level, the club won five times European Champions Cup or UEFA Champions League three times and the UEFA Cup .

liverpool logo

Since the founding of the club plays in the stadium of FC Liverpool Anfield . Liverpool has a large and loyal fan base. The supporters of the club were involved in two major disasters in European football: 1985 caused Liverpool supporters in the disaster at Heysel a stampede that killed 39 Juventus fans and 1989 than in the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield died 96 supporters of Liverpool FC . Liverpool FC has maintained a long time rivalry with the neighbor Everton ( Merseyside Derby ) and Manchester United .

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