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Added : 10th September 2011
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Description About El Pollo Loco Logo

Download El Pollo Loco Logo Wallpapers – El Pollo Loco is a chain of franchised fast food restaurants specializing in serving dishes with grilled chicken. It has its headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. The term El Pollo Loco is Spanish for “crazy chicken”. Juan Francisco Ochoa started the founder of opening a restaurant in Guasave Mexico in the ‘year 1975. In 1980 it opened the first restaurant in Los Angeles, California. In 1983, the American chain restaurants were purchased by Denny’s in agreement with the family Ochoa.

el pollo loco logo

In the U.S. chain El Pollo Loco operates primarily in the southwest and California, with three locations in the Chicago area, four in the Atlanta area and one in Connecticut. On May 5, 2008 El Pollo Loco opened its first restaurant in Vancouver in Washington state. On February 2, 2009 El Pollo Loco announced the opening of its first restaurant in New Jersey. Finally, another 15 restaurants are planned in the northern and central New Jersey and Long Island, New York. The main dish is chicken asado, chicken marinated and grilled. Then there are other Mexican specialties like burritos and salads.

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