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Added : 25th August 2011
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Download Digg Logo Wallpapers – Digg is a provider of social bookmarks, which are specialized in all kinds of messages, videos and podcasts on hat.Verweise news (blog posts, press releases or news) set of users with title, description and category and with help from other users the reference “digg it” in a positive light. A reference can also be evaluated as spam, or in other ways as problematic, then he will “bury” (bury). An interaction on a blog is also possible.

digg logo

Because of the popularity of the service he has been compared to Slashdot. [1] This competition leads to vendors such as diggdot.us, in addition to the aggregate Digg and Slashdot, often marked by Delicious bookmarks. Also an effect of Digg is that most small websites will be a “successful” Digg-reference quickly inundated with inquiries and go offline (one then speaks of the “Digg effect”). By contrast, there is now the opportunity to “gediggte” websites to make available on mirrors and to relieve the original page.

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