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Added : 25th September 2011
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Description About Diesel Logo

Download Diesel Logo Wallpapers – Diesel SpA is an Italian manufacturer of jeans and other fashion apparel and accessories, and of perfume for ladies and gentlemen. Founder of the company’s Renzo Rosso , the the brand name invented in 1978 and built until 1985, the Company. Today, Diesel, whose owners and managers still Rosso, the world’s 1,300 employees in 200 company-owned stores. In 2007, the company generated annual sales of about 1.3 billion U.S. dollars after taxes.

diesel logo

Found widespread use in the 1990s, especially the (no longer made) Jean Model “Saddle”, which the jeans- sellers of 1990 years and is one of many today as classics or legend is true. It is a loose-fitting five-pocket jeans in leg on carrots and Fußabschluss form of small size. The model was also Breitcord available and also available in its very popular. The model is now offered in almost the same interface and a variety of materials from different manufacturers, such as Daggio, PJ and Brando. Some diesel-jackets of the 1990s reached in certain scenes and widespread cult status . Today, they are not uncommon as rare and treasured traded. The company’s headquarters is located in the Italian Molvena , it has branches in twelve other countries.

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