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Added : 12th September 2011
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Description About Diadora Logo

Download Diadora Logo Wallpapers – Diadora is an Italian company was founded in 1948 by Sportartikelhersteller.Das Marcello Danieli. Since Danieli was a shoemaker, the company specialized in the manufacture of footwear. In the 1950s, was Diadora, the Italian market leader in mountain boots. In the 1960s the company started the production of ski boots. Inventions like the first shoe après-ski followed. Next, running shoes were manufactured, and shortly thereafter tennis shoes.

diadora logo

By the 1970s, the technology of the shoes away, in cooperation with athletes such as Guillermo Vilas, Bjorn Borg and Martin Mulligan, continuously improved. Around 1975, the company started in the football market. Was supported by players like Roberto Bettega the brand to number three on the American football equipment market (soccer). Since 30 June 1998 belongs to the Diadora Invicta Group. 2008, a joint venture with Hanverky Holdings Limited has been received. So a new company was founded with the name Winor International.

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