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Download Denver Broncos Logo Wallpapers – The Denver Broncos are a football team in the National Football League (NFL) and play there in the American Football Conference (AFC) in the Western Division . The team from Denver ( Colorado ) is named after semi-wild horses , or untamed horses (English Broncos ).

denver broncos logo

The Denver Broncos were in 1960 one of the founding members of the American Football League . They played in the Western Division. On 9th September 1960 the Broncos won in Boston the first game of the AFL against the Boston Patriots . However, the further course of the season was not as successful as hoped. They finished the inaugural season with four wins, nine defeats and one draw. The other years in the AFL for the Broncos were not successful. In the first ten years of the AFL-history could the Broncos as the only team in any season have more victories than defeats. After the merger of the AFL and NFL played the Broncos in the AFC West. Only under new coach John Ralston the Broncos succeeded in 1973 , the first season in which they have won more victories than defeats. In the next few years under coach Ralston they were always second in their division. Under the next coach Red Miller was the Broncos after twelve wins in the regular season to move into the 1977 playoffs. The key to success was a good defense of the Broncos became known as the “Orange Crush” and is allowed in the season against only 148 points. In the first playoff game was the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC finals and the Oakland Raiders are defeated. The Broncos were so in Super Bowl XII . It was the first Super Bowl was played in a hall. In New Orleans the Broncos defeated the Dallas Cowboys with 10-27. one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight the Broncos won the division title again, but failed in the playoffs to the Steelers. After the Broncos in 1980 failed to qualify for the playoffs by coach Red Miller was Dan Reeves replaced.

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