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Added : 22nd August 2011
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Download Daihatsu Logo Wallpapers – The Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.. is a Japanese automobile manufacturer. In 2006, 1,084,721 vehicles built by Daihatsu, which the company among Japanese manufacturers occupied the seventh and the eight internationally ranked tenth. The company was founded in 1907 as Hatsudoki Seizo Company. In 1951 the name was changed to Daihatsu. 1967 began a business partnership with Toyota. Since 1998, Toyota has the majority share (51.2 percent).

daihatsu logo

Daihatsu is counting on building small cars and wants to continue to focus exclusively on this market segment. Many of Daihatsu vehicles belong to the Japanese Kei-car class of vehicle. On 13 January 2011 Daihatsu announced that it 31 January 2013 in 10 countries, the existing European distribution network dissolve and withdraw as a provider of new car would. (- 2 009 36 300 [5] 57 700 2008) and in Germany only 5317 vehicles of the brand was first approved in Europe in 2010 were still 19 300.

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